Kimberly-Clark flies a Gulfstream G550 based at DAL and a GV from ATW to oversee business worldwide

This 145-year-old company makes personal and health care goods, manufactures in 63 countries and sells its wares in over 175.

Sr Captains Robert Parks (L) and Steve Afeman on the flightdeck of Kimberly-Clark's newest G550. Both K-C Gulfstreams have similar avionics so pilots occasionally fly either one.

He became a Gold Seal CFI and built time as a flight instructor. At the time he didn't know if he would fly for an airline, haul freight or go corporate, but the industry was promising. Ideus was hired at Pinnacle (now Endeavor) to fly a CRJ200.

Later on, a colleague at K-C in Appleton suggested to Jason that he should apply for the opening. Since 2007, he has been instrumental in helping the company acquire new aircraft and streamline its operations. "I work with an exceptionally professional group of pilots, mechanics and scheduler," says Ideus. Although based at ATW, he is responsible for overseeing operations at both bases.

Ideus holds a BS degree in physiology from the University of Nebraska and a Master's degree in kinesiology from Indiana University.

Maintenance A&P IA Yvan Chouinard joined K-C Aviation in 1983 when the company was operating a repair station. Chouinard earned his A&P from Quebec Aerotechnic and went to work for Canadian airline Quebecair working on Boeing 727, 707 and BAC 111 aircraft.

He left them to work for Bombardier in the early 1980s when the company was beginning its Challenger program. As popularity for this aircraft increased, a mobile repair team was started to support the plane and its operators. Chouinard led a team working on Challengers in the US. After 2 years, he became an expert on the Challenger. He stayed in the US and joined K-C Aviation in Dallas, working on Challengers in various phases of modification.

When the K-C Aviation repair station was sold to Gulfstream, Chouinard stayed with Kimberly-Clark. Today he handles all routine repair and preventive maintenance on the company's G550. For occasional outside maintenance he uses the Gulfstream Service Center at DAL. He is also responsible for pre and post flight inspections, preparing the aircraft for departure and taking care of the hangar.

When the aircraft fly abroad, he travels as a crew member in case of a mechanical issue. While in flight, he serves as a flight attendant and emergency evac assistant. Chouinard attends 1 maintenance-related class each year at FSI, including avionics troubleshooting, aircraft specific recurrent and the Gulfstream cabin management system.

The K-C aircraft fleet

Their DAL-based G550 is equipped with the Honeywell Primus Epic PlaneView suite, FANS, ADS-B & C, satellite internet connectivity, and XM radio to supplement radar. It's configured for 13 passengers with an elite interior – same aft cabin as the G650 – boasting electric window shades, pocket doors and cabin tables. Two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines give a range of 6750 nm. "It's a great airplane with seamless navigation capability that is well matched to the airframe," states Ideus.

K-C's ATW base is home to their GV which is equipped with the Honeywell SPZ8500. It also has DU885 displays with Primus Elite advanced features such as synthetic vision, CDU830 touch screens and CPDLC/FANS 1/A capability.

Both aircraft are 90% paperless except for enroute charts – especially for international travel. Crews use Gulfstream's PlaneBook iPad app to access the aircraft flight manual and ARINC Direct for all flight planning.

With so many business locations and only 2 airplanes, the company occasionally charters for supplemental lift.

Safety and IS-BAO

In Sep 2009, K-C set the goal to earn IS-BAO certification. Don Trekell led the effort and mentored ATW Lead Sr Capt Bob Flottemesch along the way. Today Flottemesch is K-C's IS-BAO manager and is responsible for the standard operating procedures manual, protocol verification and facilitating audits. Each pilot is assigned a portion of the task and as a team they have established a solid safety mentality. The dept earned Stage III certification in Apr 2016.

The K-C flight dept is a member of the North Texas Business Aircraft Association where they actively participate in roundtable meetings.

K-C philanthropy

K-C CEO Thomas Falk is the former national chairperson of the United Way in Dallas and the Boys & Girls Club in the US. Since K-C is committed to creating product solutions that improve lives, they donate products to women's shelters and organizations across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The K-C flight department is essential to the company's mission of touching people's lives around the world.

Cindy Youngblood holds an ATP license and is type rated in the BE400, CE500 and CE560XL. She serves as president of Women in Corporate Aviation and has extensive experience in both Part 91 and Part 135 ops.


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